Wouldn't it be nice to finally meet the man of your dreams? Do you want him begging to be in a serious relationship with you? 

I'm Vancouver's top dating and relationship coach for women. Stop overthinking, stop over-analyzing and start attracting men today with my free guide.

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Whether you're tired of always dating the wrong guy or done with toxic relationships, learn how a women's dating coach can help you get into a healthy, romantic, and serious relationship you deserve. Never worry about being ghosted or be someone else's doormat again.


"Last year I went on 2 or 3 dates (in the full 12 months) and not much to speak of. That was my life. I was frustrated that things were not clicking for me. I was single and I felt desperate to make things happen in this area of my life. There was so much fear about approaching a girl and letting her know I thought she was cute.

Fast forward to this year: I've been on about 30 dates with at least 10 different phenomenal women in only a few months. Not only that but I am having a ton of fun dating and in general feeling so confident about who I am as a person. When I see someone attractive I now have the confidence to walk up to her and let her know.

The person who deserves the credit for the massive change in this area of my life: Eddy. He's an incredible coach"


"I've been able to get more dates over the past month than I did in the last year! Just a few days ago, I even had an instant-date from an approach which then turned into a very memorable evening. If you are considering coaching, I highly recommend working with Eddy."



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